Edward Kleinhammer: His musical training, career, and impact

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This essay focuses on the musical training, career, and impact of Edward Kleinhammer, bass trombonist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra from 1940 to 1985. Kleinhammer influenced countless trombonists while he performed in the renowned Chicago Symphony Orchestra brass section under numerous conductors that include Fritz Reiner and Sir George Solti. In addition to his work in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Kleinhammer taught private students and authored two treatises on the trombone: The Art of Trombone Playing and Mastering the Trombone.A discussion of Kleinhammer's musical training is included in this essay. In addition, many of his philosophies were outlined in two taped personal interviews. A number of his former students were contacted to give personal accounts of their experiences with him. Quotes by Kleinhammer from the interviews and anecdotal information by many of his former students are included in this essay.Kleinhammer's treatises were compared with other brass pedagogy sources in order to determine unique aspects of Kleinhammer's philosophy of trombone playing. This information was compared with Kleinhammer's answers to interview questions and commentary by former students to determine his impact upon current and future generations of serious students of the trombone.


Biography; Music; Education, Music

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