Two Movements for String Orchestra and Percussion

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Degree Name

Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)


Music Theory and Composition

First Committee Member

Dennis Kam, Committee Chair


Two Movements for String Orchestra and Percussion is a musical work for a string orchestra and percussion ensemble with specific staging requirements. The percussion battery is placed in the center of the performance stage while the string orchestra is split into two equal groups situated on either side of the percussion. This layout offers a unique visual/spatial element that was utilized as a springboard for creating and developing musical motives, gestures, and themes. Likewise, the division of the work into two movements, and the subsequent divisions of the movements parallel the physical layout of the instruments. By making the concept of duality an integral part of the work's materials, orchestration, and formal structure, the visual component becomes an essential musical element rather than a mere spatial arrangement of instruments and musicians. The essay discusses how these elements were incorporated in the composition, and also elaborates on the implications of composing using computer notation software with MIDI playback.



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