Photochromic materials for digital processing and sensing

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)



First Committee Member

Francisco M. Raymo, Committee Chair


A new strategy for the all-optical modulation of fluorescence using photochromic compounds was identified. It consists of two overlapped layers of fluorescent (bottom layer) and photochromic materials (top layer). Two light sources positioned on top of the multilayer assembly operate the device: one induces the emission from the fluorescent material and the other controls the interconversion between two states of the photochromic layer. The measurement of the intensity of light emitted from the fluorescent layer is used to read the state of the photochromic layer which in turn is written and erased with optical stimulations. It follows that this strategy can be used to store and retrieve optical information.Next, a new family of photochromic molecules was designed and tested. These molecules consist of indoline fragments fused with benzoxazines, they can be operated reversibly or irreversibly in liquid and solid environments and they show excellent photo switching properties.Finally, a particular class of these molecules was used as a selective chromogenic detector for cyanide in water.


Chemistry, Organic

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