Peru: A Case Study Of Church-State Relations (1990--2005)

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

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Joaquin Roy, Committee Chair


This dissertation is a case study of the complex status of Church-State relations in Peru during the administrations of Presidents Alberto Fujimori, Valentin Paniagua, and Alejandro Toledo (1990--2005). The primary aim of this dissertation is to determine and corroborate whether the Catholic Church has aided in the democratization of Peru during periods of violent social conflicts. The methodology is based on a humanistic overview of contemporary Peruvian political thought regarding nation building and the historically intense cultural influence of Catholicism. This case study was researched in Peru through interpretation of available published material and documentation of current events, and particularly through personal interviewing of key members of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church and past and present government officials. This inquiry includes a brief review of historical antecedents of Church-State relations and of the social contribution of the Catholic Church in Peru as reference framework for analysis.


History, Church; History, Latin American; Political Science, General

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