A comparison of stylistic, technical and pedagogical perspectives in vocal instruction among classical and jazz voice teachers

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Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)


Music Studio and Jazz

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The purpose of this study is to compare stylistic, technical and pedagogical perspectives in vocal pedagogy among classical and jazz vocal instructors. This paper also defines some of the terminology used in both methods of teaching.Six instructors, three in the field of classical voice and three in the field of jazz voice were interviewed. The questions were based upon H. Wesley Balks Self-Evaluation from The Complete Singer-Actor. The teachers were asked to candidly discuss their style-specific techniques, as well as what methods they use to strengthen the technical aspects of singing in their students.These nationally and internationally recognized pedagogues are prominent in their respective fields and have at least fifteen years experience in performance and/or private studio instruction. Each pedagogue was asked to respond to questions posed in the areas of pedagogy, style and technique. Their responses were recorded and transcribed and are presented in the body of the essay. The voice teachers elaborated on their individual approach to private studio lessons and dealt with specific vocal issues such as breath management, phrasing, onset and style specific issues such as microphone technique and vibrato.A full transcription of each interview is contained within the paper as well as a biography of each pedagogue. It is hoped that this study will further stimulate discussion among the experts in each field and open opportunities for students who are interested in pursuing non-classical vocal performance.


Music; Education, Music

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