An annotated bibliography of unaccompanied violoncello repertoire published in the United States from 1990 to the present

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The main purpose of this essay is to offer a listing of literature for the unaccompanied violoncello which will be as comprehensive as possible and will examine compositions written between 1990 and the present. This information should be helpful to cellists in their exploration and performance of this contemporary literature.This study includes an annotated bibliography of a comprehensive list of unaccompanied cello compositions, providing cellists with an extensive source which will contain stylistic details and performance information for the benefit of contemporary cellists.The entries in the bibliography are alphabetized by the composer's name, and depending on availability, each entry includes the composer's birth-place and birth-date, composition name and the year of each composition, name of each music publisher, commissioning body, dedication, first performer, first performance location, first performance date, level of difficulty, and approximate duration. The annotations cover a description of the compositions as well as the writer's impression of the composition.Appendices include: an index of composers, a list of annotated works in alphabetical order by composer, a list of cellists in alphabetical order, a list of publishers, a list of compositions by Belgian composers, a list of compositions by English composers, a list of compositions by Finnish composers, a list of compositions by Irish composers, a list of compositions by Swedish composers, and a list of compositions by Swiss composers.


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