Symphony concerts for young audiences

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Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)


Music Conducting

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Thomas Sleeper - Committee Chair


Concerts for young audiences are an increasingly large part of a professional orchestra's season. While demand for these types of programs has grown, the cost of producing such programs continues to grow as well. To control the escalating cost of the symphony concert for student audiences, concerts need to be produced using the standard symphony personnel or core musicians, and be free of costly guest artists or other expensive add-ons. Quality, however, must meet or exceed the highest expectations. Five programs are presented in detail. The inspiration behind each program, a description and explanation of the choice of literature, specific goals, and a narration script are included for each of the themed programs.Each proposed program includes elements of popular music mixed with standard symphonic, concert literature. The programs are designed to be adapted for presentation to various age groups. The suggested range of ages is grade three through grade seven. Appendices include specific musical excerpts needed to illustrate educational goals and to complete each program in the allotted time, sample advance materials, and sample assessment and feedback forms.


Education, Music

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