Does familiarity breed contempt? Analyses of the relationship among company familiarity, company reputation, company citizenship, and company personality on corporate equity

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)



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Don W. Stacks, Committee Chair


The effects of familiarity have received little attention in the areas of public relations and marketing. This study used structural equation modeling (SEM) to predict the influence of familiarity on corporate equity, which is measured by willingness to invest in a corporation or purchase its products or services using several mediating variables such as citizenship, reputation, and personality. The Roper Corporate Reputation Scorecard was used to study these variables using an online panel survey from NOP World of 1500 participants. Four hypotheses supported the relationship among these variables. Thirty companies in six industries were used to test the relationships and analyses for each industry. Measures were also evaluated using both reliability and validity analyses. It was concluded that familiarity does have a positive relationship in each industry regarding citizenship, reputation, and personality. In addition, the latter three variables had a significant positive effect on corporate equity. Recommendations for future studies are included.


Business Administration, Marketing; Mass Communications

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