The "Cuban Dances" ("Danzas Cubanas") of Mario Ruiz Armengol: A performer's guide

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Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)


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This essay examines individually each of the twenty-two Cuban dances (Danzas Cubanas) by Mexican composer Mario Ruiz Armengol, listing factual information that includes the title of the piece, place and date of composition, dedication, approximate performing duration, tempo indications, length in measures, form, and available recordings. Additionally, the author provides historical and pertinent information for each dance, discusses their formal structure, compositional features, harmonic language and rhythmic treatments, and addresses pertinent performance practices, technical requirements, interpretation as construed by the author, and comparative observations from recorded performances.The remainder of the study includes a biographical outline for Ruiz Armengol, a detailed examination of his compositional style and style periods, a brief description of the majority of his remaining piano works, and an account of the publication process for all published editions of his music for piano. The author's conclusions assess Ruiz Armengol's compositional excellence, artistic contribution to Mexican music, and innovations in the Cuban dance genre, and recommend further study.


Music; Education, Music

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