An annotated bibliography of Taiwanese piano music by selected composers born after 1950

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This essay annotates the piano works of Taiwanese composers born after 1950. The change Taiwanese music underwent during the mid-twentieth century is comparable to a defined style change in Western music, and can be attributed to the country's substantial social, economic and political growth after 1945 (with the end of the Sino-Japanese War). These advancements encouraged the formation of music schools and vastly increased the educational and study opportunities for musicians of all levels, from elementary instruction to professional university training. In turn, the growing number of music programs has created an ongoing need for composers to produce educational teaching materials, and the university training has prepared young professional composers and performers for study abroad, all of which has increased the output and broadened the compositional style of contemporary Taiwanese music.In Chapter 4, the composers appear chronologically, and their works are organized according to the composer. The music ranges in difficulty from the most elementary five finger position method materials to advanced performance literature with varying extremes of harmonic language, rhythmic treatment and compositional style. The bibliographic entries are presented clearly to denote level and technical features as a quick reference, in order to serve as a functional and efficient resource for teachers interested in expanding their teaching library, and for performers who are searching for a particular level and/or style of performance literature.Most of the works included in this study are unpublished, but are available from the composers who can be contacted professionally through the current information given in each biographical sketch.


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