Classical saxophone curricula in Central America

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There is a limited amount of published information available for classical saxophone pedagogy in Central America. This essay begins the quest toward creating awareness on the subject. It focuses on three points: (1) Creating a Demographic Database, (2) Creating a Methods and Materials Database, and (3) Creating a Curriculum.After collecting information for the two databases, a curriculum is created. General curricular design, implementation, and evaluation are discussed and a sample classical saxophone curriculum guide is suggested. Questions such as, 'What should we do? How do we do it? Are we doing it? and Did we do it?' are addressed.By visiting the countries of Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Panama, the author was able to gather valuable information relating to the subject of classical saxophone in Central America. By meeting professors and administrators in the universities and music conservatories, the author established important lasting relationships with potential for future collaborations.Appendices in this essay include: a consent form, questionnaires, and both general and specific curricular guides presently used in institutions of Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Panama.


Music; Education, Music

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