A history of the bands at the teachers' school in Mansfield, Pennsylvania, 1871--1971

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Music Education

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This study provides a comprehensive history of the bands at the teacher training school in Mansfield, Pennsylvania during the period 1871--1971. Research techniques used allow for great detail with regard to the band directors, ensembles, and repertoire used by the Mansfield bands in comparison to local and national trends and developments. Special attention is given to the relationship between the teacher training and band programs. The institution in Mansfield opened in 1857 as the Mansfield Classical Seminary and became the Mansfield State Normal School in 1862. Sporadic band activity began at the institution by 1871. The Mansfield band program began to blossom in the 1920s as the institution was restructured as the Mansfield State Teachers College in 1927. During the Great Depression and World War II the band program experienced some hardships consistent with national trends. Band activity flourished in the 1950s and 60s as the institution expanded to offer a liberal arts curriculum, becoming the Mansfield State College in 1960. Primary sources include personal accounts from former band directors, interviews with former band directors, and information gleaned from archived concert programs, photographs, and personnel lists. Secondary sources include newspaper and yearbook accounts of band activities. Recommendations for further study are enclosed.


Music; Education, History of; Education, Music; Education, Teacher Training

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