J B Floyd: A Multifaceted Life In Music

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Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)


Music Performance

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Dennis Kam - Committee Chair


This is a study of the life of Dr. James Robert Floyd (b. 1929) and his contributions to the field of music. Floyd's career has spanned more than five decades to date and has encompassed the genres of jazz, classical, and electronic music. His career has been multifaceted as a teacher, administrator, performer, and composer.The study contains several sections. Chapter One serves as an introduction and background, and provides a description of the purpose of the study, the need for the study, a review of related literature, and the methodology and procedures used in the research. Chapter Two contains a four-part biography. Chapter Three discusses his multi-media group, The Electric Stereopticon. Chapters Four, Five, Six and Seven survey his compositions for keyboard, voice, chamber, jazz/popular and other genres.J.B. Floyd has had a long, significant career in music. He has contributed to and influenced the music world through many different avenues. His life stands as a powerful model and an inspiration for musicians who are in the fields of teaching, performing, and composing.


Biography; Music; Education, History of; Education, Music

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