Date of Award




Degree Name

Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)


Music Theory and Composition

First Committee Member

Ferdinando DeSena, Committee Chair


Dwelling is an interactive multi-media installation which involves the disciplines of music, photography and video based on the construction of a house in South Florida. The ingredients of the nine vignettes (approximately ninety seconds each) consist solely of raw and manipulated audio/visual material documented at the construction site, demonstrating the artistic value and similarities between music (art) and construction.In order to move the observer to a participant level, an audience-interactive system gives the spectator some control of the outcome. The music and visual elements for each vignette are married compositions that were manipulated in a studio environment. The vignettes are triggered as individual spectators walk around the installation on their own route, creating a personal experience because the order of the presentation depends on the path taken by the person.The aural component is presented in a multi-speaker arrangement while the visuals are projected onto opposite walls of a room inside the subject house.These three disciplines, music, photography and video, are combined with the goal of establishing equality amongst them.



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