The Revelation of Jesus Christ: A liturgical opera

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Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)


Music Theory and Composition

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Dennis Kam - Committee Chair


The Revelation of Jesus Christ is a large, liturgical opera for soloists, choir, chamber orchestra and organ. The work is based upon the book of Revelation. Though its authorship and date have been debated, the book is commonly believed to have been written by John, the apostle, around 98AD. The libretto was adapted by the composer from the Authorized, or King James, Version of the Bible, primarily for its poetic usage of the English language. The work is organized around the structure of an orthodox Protestant worship service, though it is not intended to be a worship service, nor distinctly Protestant.There are a few important themes that form the basis of the musical material in the work. The harmonic language of The Revelation of Jesus Christ is strongly linked to the meaning of the text. The most developed treatment of the primary themes in the work can be found in Movement Ten, which is primarily orchestral.The project has been an enormous undertaking for me and it stands as my largest composition to date. Though I consider the work to be complete, it is expected that further revisions may prove necessary upon the occasion of its first performance.


Religion, General; Music

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