De brocas y tracas: Nacion, normalidad, homosexualidad y travestismo en la literatura y la cultura mediatica popular peruana

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

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Hugo Achugar - Committee Chair


This dissertation analyzes the representation of dissident sexualities, specifically the masculinity homosexuality and transvestite's sexuality in the Peruvian Literary Cannon of the 20th century and in the popular written press known as "Prensa Chicha". It suggests that the idea of the nation as an imaginary community denies and subordinates the no hegemonic sexualities. The representations of homosexuality in the literary canon are signed by a compulsive homophobia and defined a subordinated and peripherical subject to the collective nation. However, in spite of the fact that the heterosexuality is the prevailing norm in the collective body; it is also possible to find alternative models in gender representations of the popular culture. These representations are characterized for the use of a no official knowledge and besides they do not seek to displace the heterosexual supremacy of the cultural canon. Nevertheless, the use of a no official knowledge enables the definition of the peripheral subject since his own voice. In this process of popular definition, the peripheral sexuality challenges to the official heterosexual regulatory nature by being developed in a marginal cultural space as it is the popular press; which permits the insertion of a dismantling speech that, at the same time, it denies and supports the heterosexuality of the nation.


Literature, Latin American; Sociology, Ethnic and Racial Studies; Mass Communications

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