A method for using digital video technology with Blackboard(TM) as a supplemental instructional tool in the undergraduate conducting class

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Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)


Music Conducting

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Donald Oglesby - Committee Chair

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Jo-Michael Scheibe - Committee Member


Technological progress and its use in higher education had a profound impact on the development of student conductors. From the first use of videotaping in the classroom to the application of motion capture and three-dimensional modeling, technology has increased academic achievement, promoted inclusive kinesthetic self-awareness, and allowed student-centered learning to take place in the conducting classroom. In addition, computer technology and interactive multimedia instructional methods have proven to be a valuable tool in the instruction of student conductors. The purpose of this research has been to study the past, present, and future use of technology in university conducting classes. Furthermore, the researcher has attempted to develop and implement a more effective method of teaching using Blackboard(TM) a combined with digital video technology to assist in the documentation, critique, and self-evaluation of first year conducting classes at the university level. A recommendation for future areas of research and development is enclosed.


Music; Education, Music; Education, Technology of

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