Black Student Enrollment In Private Black Colleges

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


Higher Education


The purpose of this study was to determine the degree of knowledge that black high school students have regarding private historically black institutions of higher education in the State of Florida.An instrument was developed to measure this knowledge, the degree to which the students were informed about black colleges in their high schools and the factors affecting the race of college choice. The degree of knowledge was computed using a Black College Awareness Index (BCAI). Of the total population, 467 freshmen students from six private colleges in Florida were surveyed: 381 of 1,127 (33.5%) enrolled in three historically black colleges and 86 of 182 (47.3%) enrolled in three historically white colleges. Data were analyzed using the t test of significance and multiple regression analyses. Findings indicated a relationship between student's BCAI scores and (a) the predominant race attending the high school from which they were graduated, (b) the race of the high school personnel advising them, and (c) the predominant race of the college they chose to attend.


Education, Administration; Education, Higher

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