Characterization Of A Human 70,000 Dalton Heat Shock Protein Gene Segment And Its Regulation

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


A human 70,000 dalton heat shock protein (hsp70) gene segment has been isolated. The segment contains 3.15 kilobase pairs of 5$\sp\prime$ nontranscribed sequence, an RNA leader of 119 nucleotides and a protein-coding region of 741 nucleotides. The derived human protein sequence shows a high degree of homology to hsp70 sequences from other species. Expression experiments in heterologous cells (Xenopus oocytes and monkey Cos cells) indicate that a region that includes only 69 basepairs of 5$\sp\prime$ nontranscribed sequence contains all the elements required for efficient heat-controlled expression. However, in homologous cells (human HeLa cells) at least 162 basepairs of 5$\sp\prime$ nontranscribed sequence are required for the heat-controlled expression of this human gene. Sequence elements that resemble the "heat shock consensus" sequence, are located 52 to 75, 150 to 160 and 249 to 259 basepairs upstream from the mapped transcription start site.


Chemistry, Biochemistry

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