Microwave crystal oscillators

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

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Guillermo Gonzalez, Committee Chair


In this dissertation we present a closed-form design method for negative resistance crystal oscillators. A full characterization is presented on every block of a two port oscillator. The oscillator design method is presented in a general form such that it is applicable to any resonator used today. Also, the design procedure is based on readily available microwave parameters known as, small signal S-parameters. The design method is verified experimentally with two crystals, one with a fundamental frequency in the lower microwave region (i.e., 843 MHz), and the other with a fundamental frequency in the UHF region (i.e., 383 MHz). The crystals were selected since they represent a new type of resonators used in fundamental mode at the referred frequency bands.


Engineering, Electronics and Electrical; Physics, Electricity and Magnetism

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