The systematics of the genus Anapagurus (Crustacea: Decapoda: Paguridae)

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

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Patsy A. McLaughlin, Committee Chair

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Nancy A. Voss, Committee Member


A worldwide systematic review of the genus Anapagurus has been made. In addition to the rediagnoses of the genus and all known species, five new species are described. All the 18 species are illustrated and a key to the species is given. Several new reliable diagnostic characters have been used and a number of systematic problems have been clarified. Anapagurus pusillus Henderson, 1888, has been reinstated. Anapagurus brevicarpus A. Milne Edwards and Bouvier, 1892, has been found to be the junior synonym of A. chiroacanthus (Lilljeborg, 1856). Anapagurus acutus and A. marginatus, described by A. Milne Edwards and Bouvier, 1893, have been excluded from Anapagurus and considered species incertae sedis. Anapagurus drachi Forest, 1966, has been removed from Anapagurus.


Biology, Oceanography; Biology, Zoology

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