The relationship between sodium and blood pressure in Blacks and Whites: The role of urinary volume, gender and weight

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)



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Neil Schneiderman, Committee Chair


The relationship between urinary sodium, output volume, and weight with arterial blood pressure was investigated in 142 normotensive Black and White, males and females. Pearsons correlations analyses of our data demonstrated that there is a trend relating urinary sodium excretion and blood pressure, though not significant. Adjustment for race, sex and weight did not appear to alter this finding. A positive independent correlation between output volume and blood pressure was observed only in the Black women (SBP r = 0.41, $p$ $<$ 0.04; DBP r = 0.38, $p$ = 0.06).The pattern of intercorrelations between: (1) urinary sodium and output volume, and (2) between weight and blood pressure, were similar in the Whites and Blacks; however, it was only in the White men that a significant correlation between weight and blood pressure was observed (SBP r = 0.45, $p$ $<$ 0.004; DBP r = 0.56, $p$ = 0.0001). Noteworthy, the White men and Black women were the heaviest in this study. This may suggest that the mechanisms operating to set the blood pressure level in these two groups are sensitive to different physiological parameters which appear to act differently in the two races.


Biology, Animal Physiology; Health Sciences, Public Health; Biophysics, Medical

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