Father participation in child care: An examination of mother variables

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

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Robin Buhrke - Committee Chair


The correlation of various mother variables to father participation in child care was examined in this study. The mother variables considered were (1) mothers' incomes relative to their husbands' income, (2) mothers' self esteem relative to their husbands' self esteem, (3) mothers' sex role ideologies, (4) mothers' perceptions of their own fathers' availability and (5) mothers' perceptions of their own fathers' nurturance. Three types of father participation in child care were examined in relationship to the mother variables. These were (1) total father participation, (2) solo father participation and (3) the fathers' participation in proportion to the mothers' participation. Data were collected from 21 dual earner couples with preschool age children recruited from preschools in the Miami area. Couples completed a battery of instruments and questionnaires. Father participation in child care was assessed by the couple keeping a seven day time diary of parenting activities. A relationship was found between total father participation in child care and the difference between a mother's and father's income. Fathers spent more minutes in total father involvement when mother earned more than the father. No other mother variable showed a significant relationship to father participation.


Education, Guidance and Counseling; Psychology, Clinical

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