Rhapsody for Solo Percussion and Orchestra (Original composition);

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Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)

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Fred Wickstrom - Committee Chair

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Dennis Kam - Committee Member


Rhapsody for Solo Percussion and Orchestra is a symphonic work for soloist and orchestra of approximately 30 minutes in duration. The work consists of one single movement divided in three distinct sections played without pause. The main theme appears cyclically throughout the entire piece. The piece has an original feature where the soloist is allowed to play his or her favorite exotic or folkloric instrument during a optional section of the work. Besides this optional instrument the soloist has to play vibraphone, and other traditional instruments from the percussion family including tom toms, snare drum, cymbals, wood blocks, temple blocks, cow bells, triangle, castanets and guiro. Some other unusual instruments are required, including water glasses (frictioned), bird whistles and repinique (a Brazilian high-pitched drum that could be substituted by a snare drum). The orchestra consists in a regular full orchestra including woodwinds, brass, percussion and string instruments. The musical language used on the composition is based on tonal and modal harmony, with some special effects on the opening and closing sections.



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