The identification of academically gifted Hispanic students using a mini battery of cognitive tasks

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)



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Marcia S. Scott - Committee Chair


The current study was the second in a programmatic effort to develop an unbiased battery of cognitive tasks for the identification of gifted minority students. The focus was to evaluate the ability of four specific cognitive tasks to differentiate between Hispanic and NonHispanic gifted and normally achieving students. The memory task was analysed using a MANOVA. The expected ability group difference was not found and, contrary to expectation, ethnic group differences were significant. The taxonomic generation task was analyzed using two mixed ANOVAs. An ability group main effect was found for number of exemplars generated, however, an ethnic group effect was also significant. Analysis of the error measure was not possible due to limitations of the statistical procedure. The taxonomic knowledge task was analyzed using a mixed ANOVA. As expected, ability group difference was significant and performance was not associated with ethnic effects. The rhyme task was analyzed using a MANOVA. As expected, ability group and ethnic group effects were significant for real words generated. The error measure and fake words generated could not be analyzed due to limitations of the statistical procedure.


Education, Special; Psychology, Developmental

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