The use of teacher planning time in a comprehensive American high school

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)

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John H. Croghan - Committee Chair


The purpose of this study was to describe how five teachers in a comprehensive American high school used their planning time. The study describes the various settings in which the teachers spent their planning periods. The activities in which the teachers engaged and the people with whom the teachers interacted during their planning periods are also described. Also, the way those interactions affected teachers' use of planning time is included.Five teachers were chosen from a high school population of 80 faculty members to represent the five largest departments of the school. A case study approach was used to study their use of planning time over a ten week period. Observations, interviews and maintenance of planning period journal were the methods of data collection used in the study.Data were collected and transcripts produced which were then analyzed and coded. Once the data were coded, data displays were developed which drew the data collected from all five teachers into a cross case analysis that was used to address the research questions which guided the study.The major conclusions that were reached through analysis of the data include: (1) Planning time use can be explained by a contingency theory of teacher planning. (2) Planning time is used for a variety of activities other than lesson planning. (3) Schools could do more to encourage teachers to use planning time efficiently.


Education, Administration; Education, Secondary; Education, Curriculum and Instruction

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