The impact of the Advanced Placement Program on student academic experience and teacher job satisfaction

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The purposes of this study were (a) to determine the impact of the AP Program on student academic experience and self-confidence; and (b) to determine the impact of teaching AP on teacher job satisfaction. A pilot study was completed with six AP teachers and 30 AP students to develop the surveys. Data for the actual study were collected from 90 AP students and 101 AP teachers.First, individual surveys were sent to 138 students, AP students still in high school and AP graduates in their first year of college. Second, surveys were sent to 152 AP teachers. Sixty-six percent of each group responded. Finally, five former AP graduates, now in college or graduate school, and five AP teachers of various disciplines were interviewed.The high school student survey dealt with reasons for selecting AP courses, degree of personal involvement, degree of intellectual challenge, and academic benefits experienced by AP students. The survey asked them to specify the skills and attitudes acquired through AP course work and the impact of AP on their self-confidence. The college student survey asked similar questions, as well as additional ones denoting number of AP courses taken, number of AP Examinations passed, benefits and/or drawbacks of having taken AP, and characteristics of good AP teachers. Both groups listed recommendations for improving the AP Program.The AP teacher survey asked questions regarding teachers' academic background, preparation for AP teaching, benefits and drawbacks of teaching AP, impact on personal and professional growth, and impact on job satisfaction. Teachers also listed recommendations for improving the AP Program.Because the School Board of Broward County has supported the AP Program through mandate and financial support since the 1984-85 school year, an important corollary to the study was to determine the impact of this support.Results. (1) The AP Program has a strong, positive impact on the academic attitudes and self-confidence of students; (2) AP teachers are intellectually stimulated and enriched by the AP Program; (3) teaching AP increases teachers' level of job satisfaction; and (4) through policy and financial support, the School Board positively influenced the success of the AP Program.


Education, Administration; Psychology, Industrial; Education, Curriculum and Instruction

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