Symphony No 2 by Charles Ives: A basis for interpretation

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Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)


Music Conducting

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Akira Endo, Committee Chair


A basis for interpretation by an orchestra conductor on performing Symphony No. 2 by Charles Ives requires the assimilation of much background material and the correction of inaccuracies in the printed score. The Second Symphony was examined by researching its compositional origins, history, and the circumstances of its premiere. Ives's compositional style, aesthetics, and use of musical quotations were studied by collating previous research. A formal analysis was made of each movement of the symphony. A history of the various editions of the score of the symphony was detailed. Aspects of performance problems were outlined in terms of tempo, tempo relationships, and score discrepancies. An extensive score errata was compiled based on a comparison between manuscript sources obtained from the Ives Collection and the published score editions. Musical quotations used by Ives in the Second Symphony were listed and notated in the appendices. A discography of available recordings of Ives's Symphony No. 2 was also listed.



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