Measurement of inelastic scattering in the ocean

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)



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Kenneth J. Voss - Committee Chair


A new technique to measure the inelastic scattering in the ocean due to the natural light field is developed. By measuring the in situ irradiance field in the vicinity of the solar Fraunhofer lines at very high spectral resolution (0.008 nm), the total irradiance can be separated into inelastic and elastic components. The variation of the Fraunhofer lines with depth was calculated by using a Monte Carlo simulation method and a simple model. In the calculations, Raman scattering and fluorescence of dissolved organic matters were considered, chlorophyll a was not taken into account since it does not fluoresce at a relevant Fraunhofer line. An instrument was developed to measure the inelastic scattering in situ in the ocean. Field measurements obtained with this instrument are presented. It was found that the Fraunhofer lines in the long wavelength region of the solar spectrum (656, 589 nm) are filled quickly while those in the blue (518, 486 nm) remain almost constant. It is concluded that the contribution of inelastic scattering to the light field distribution in the ocean is dominant in the long wavelength region at depth.


Physical Oceanography; Physics, Optics

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