Mahatma Gandhi: The Prophet of Conscience (Original composition);

Date of Award




Degree Name

Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)


Music Theory and Composition

First Committee Member

Dennis Kam, Committee Chair


Six contrasting significant episodes in Mahatma Gandhi's life are presented through a SATB choir, solo voices, and a full orchestra. The libretto was written by the composer. Emphasis is laid upon communicating the idealogical and the philosophical messages of Gandhi by means of musical drama and operatic treatment. In the process, India's struggle for independence from British colonial rule is dramatically highlighted. The six episodes include (1) Mahatma Gandhi's first confrontation with racial prejudice, (2) General Smuts' (one of Gandhi's biggest opponents as well as admirer) reaction to Gandhi's lifelong work and aspirations, (3) the extreme social, cultural, and economic contrasts of colonial India, (4) British atrocities in India, (5) the partition of India into Pakistan and India, and (6) Gandhi's sorrow towards India's extreme poverty, violence, suffering, and breakup.The doctoral composition is meant to serve as an introduction to a larger and more elaborate musical treatise on Mahatma Gandhi's life and messages.


Biography; Music

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