A Delphi examination of the University of Miami/Miami-Dade Community College joint doctoral program from the staff development perspective

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This study focused on the impact of staff development on community college faculty and staff. Miami-Dade Community College, Miami, Florida has an award-winning Teaching/Learning Project for professional development. One component of this is a joint doctoral program in higher education between the University of Miami and Miami-Dade Community College. Through this program, Miami-Dade Community College employees have received financial, scheduling, and individual advisement assistance facilitating their progress toward the doctorate.Using the Delphi technique, the study examined to what extent thirty-six (36) participants in the joint doctoral program perceived it as fostering personal, instructional, and organizational growth, following Gaff's model of staff development. In addition, participants' views of the problems and strengths of the program's organization regarding the University of Miami or Miami-Dade Community College were solicited. From these statements, recommendations were made regarding the doctoral program.An average response rate of 70% was realized from the three (3) Delphi questionnaires. Of the statements on the questionnaires, 82 or 52% ultimately reached consensus.The study shows participants in the doctoral program firmly align themselves with personal staff development objectives, are cognizant of instructional staff development objectives, and address organizational staff development objectives. As judged by the number of responses to each question, and the latitude of responses, the University of Miami/Miami-Dade Community College joint doctoral program is indeed an effective vehicle for staff development.


Education, Community College; Education, Administration; Education, Adult and Continuing; Education, Higher

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