Symphony No 2: "The Revelation" (Original composition);

Date of Award




Degree Name

Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)


Music Theory and Composition

First Committee Member

Dennis Kam, Committee Chair


Symphony No. 2 (The Revelation) intended to be a nine movement symphonic poem when fully completed, is loosely based on the events and imagery revealed in the Book of Revelation. Three movements completed to fulfill the requirement for the D.M.A. are: (1) prologue: The crucifixion of Christ; (2) Movement II: The breaking of the seven seals and the sounding of the seven trumpets; (3) Movement V: The Millennium.Musical materials are largely based on root movements of thirds and descending fourths, melodic simplicity, clarity of form and phrases. Vertical structures mostly comprise major and minor triads chosen through intuition.The composer aims for coherence in music, using simplicity of melodic and harmonic materials, while lending a fresh approach to tension and relaxation, contraction and expansion, and similarity and contrast, which are not only important aspects of music but important and necessary aspects found in life and nature as well.


Music; Theology

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