Self-esteem enhancement of primary students

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)



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John H. Croghan, Committee Chair


An assessment of self-esteem was done with second grade students in a public school after participation in a program designed for self-esteem enhancement. The Coopersmith Inventory of Self-Esteem, School Short Form, was used as the pretest and posttest instrument. It consists of 25 self-report items each item allowing the student two options "like me" or "unlike me". Thirty students served as the control group and thirty formed the experimental group.The instrument was administered by the instructor and scored based on the standardized instructions.A comparison of the mean gain scores showed no significant gains in self-esteem between the groups taken as a whole. When gender was introduced as an independent variable the mean gain scores of girls in the experimental group showed significant improvement over those of girls in the control group. Other group comparisons revealed no significant differences. The program, described along with evaluation measures and statistical data, recommendations, and literature for children, families and teachers, are included.


Black Studies; Health Sciences, Mental Health; Education, Educational Psychology; Psychology, Clinical

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