The combined effects of beta agonists and isokinetic exercise on the quadriceps muscle group

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Muscle atrophy, a condition common to those persons afflicted with an injury or illness, is characterized by a loss of muscle size and strength. Various forms of rehabilitation have been looked at as a means to alleviate this condition. The purpose of this study is to examine the combined effects of the $\beta\sb2$ agonist albuterol with an isokinetic training protocol, observing the impact on the quadriceps muscle group.Healthy volunteers were placed into one of two groups in a double-blind fashion (albuterol, placebo) to examine the effects each group had as a result of a nine week training program. After a break-in period, subjects received 16mg/day of albuterol or placebo for six weeks. Using an isokinetic dynamometer, subjects twice weekly performed three sets of leg extensions in the concentric-eccentric mode, ten repetitions per set. Anthropometric data of the right thigh were collected at weeks zero, six, and nine. Pulmonary measurements were taken immediately prior to and after capsule consumption. Statistical analysis involves a 3 x 2 repeated measures MANOVA.Of the sixteen dependent variables examined in this study, five showed evidence of simple main effects. They were: concentric total work to bodyweight ratio (CTW/BW), eccentric total work (ETW), eccentric average power (EAP), eccentric peak torque to bodyweight ratio (EPT/BW), and eccentric total work to bodyweight ratio (ETW/BW). With each of these variables, those subjects receiving albuterol produced greater results.Subjects receiving albuterol and isokinetic exercise showed greater improvements in strength than those subjects receiving the placebo in conjunction with their exercise. This effect was especially noticeable in the eccentric mode. The results of this study appear promising, with the potential for these agents to be used therapeutically in a rehabilitative setting.


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