Remembering: Development and validation of an instrument to measure adults' recall of maltreatment in childhood

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


Clinical Psychology

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Donald K. Routh - Committee Chair


A psychometric instrument was developed to assess recalled childhood maltreatment in adult populations. The instrument takes the form of a paper and pencil questionnaire and is named Remembering. The questionnaire has four scales assessing domains of physical neglect, psychological maltreatment, physical maltreatment, and sexual maltreatment. A global composite score and several supplemental indices are also available.Seventy-five subjects participated in a pilot study and 333 participated in a validation study. Internal consistency was tested by calculation Cronbach's alpha statistic, and test-retest reliability was tested with a subset of 73 subjects who sat for a second administration of the Remembering questionnaire. Construct validity was assessed by observing the goodness of fit between results obtained using the Remembering questionnaire and a nomological net derived from established theoretical formulations and results of previous research (Cronbach & Meehl, 1955).Alpha coefficients for the four primary scales ranged from.72 to.88, and test-retest reliability coefficients ranged from.89 to.97. Predicted fit with the aforementioned nomological net was found in most instances, with significant correlations (p $<$.01) of.29,.38,.48,.46, and.51 between the global maltreatment measure and, respectively, measures of dissociation, lowered self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and global psychopathology. Results indicate preliminary levels of reliability and validity sufficient for research purposes.


Education, Tests and Measurements; Psychology, Clinical

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