The Scriabin sound and style: An analysis of Twelve Etudes Opus 8

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Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)

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J. Robert Floyd, Committee Chair


This dissertation on Alexander Scriabin's "Twelve Etudes Opus 8" contains an analysis of his musical style and a discussion of the influence of Chopin's music on Scriabin's compositions, especially his early works; and a comparison of Scriabin's Opus 8 to Chopin's Opus 10 and Opus 25. For example, Scriabin followed a precedent set by Chopin for using triple metric units, to which Scriabin confined himself exclusively. Scriabin developed techniques such as hand stretching and pedaling for performing his works, which require considerable stamina, especially for a pianist who has small hands. In Scriabin's composition for piano in his later period, the influence of Chopin's music was not prevalent. In rhythm, melody, harmony, and form, Scriabin's sound and style became his own.



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