Requiem for the Living (Original composition);

Date of Award




Degree Name

Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)

First Committee Member

Dennis Kam, Committee Chair


Requiem for the Living is a setting for the traditional Latin text of Missa pro defunctis. It is dedicated to those persons living with the awful reality of a fatal illness, particularly those suffering from AIDS.This Requiem is written for chorus of 24-32 voices (SATB) and tape. The tape part was realized with electronic instruments including synthesizers, digital samplers, and digital audio processors under MIDI control.The Requiem as a whole explores various approaches to the structural uses and implications of timbre. Some techniques used include: synthesis of timbres with structurally significant harmonic content; synthesis of timbres and use of harmonies derived from frequency analysis of a sung text; interaction of live, synthesized, and sampled vocal sounds; digital filtering with modal-based resonances; and exploration of the boundary between timbre and harmony.



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