Fluid dynamic study of fuel injector sprays

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


Mechanical Engineering

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Michael Swain - Committee Chair


This is an experimental investigation of the fluid dynamics of steady non-evaporating sprays injecting into a quiescent ambient from externally mounted pintle injector. Laser velocimetry was used for three dimensional mapping of the velocity field. The mean and the turbulent velocities were measured at intermediate regions of the annular jet. Qualitative behavior of the injector was studied for injection at low pressure and in the atomization regime through photographic study. Based on experimental data the momentum transfer calculations of fuel droplets were done.Analysis of self preservation of the mean and the turbulent field was done. Comparisons were made with circular jet and conclusions were drawn about the spray synoptic length scales. The nature and evolution of the mixing region was studied.The radial and streamwise variation of the Reynolds stresses were measured and critical region for turbulence development was identified. The extreme anisotropy of the jet was quantified through the design of a suitable anisotropy tensor and comparisons were made by evoking the asymptotic turbulence hypothesis.


Engineering, Automotive; Engineering, Mechanical

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