Playing with telephones: Telecom privatizations in Latin America and Central Europe

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


International Studies

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Vendulka Kubalkova, Committee Chair


The practice of privatization of state-owned telecommunications operators has become more frequent on a global scale since the mid-1980s. Governments of countries at varying levels of socioeconomic and political development have recognized the important contributions of the telecommunications industry for their national economic development and have decided to transfer management of public sector telecom enterprises to private investors. Since the early 1990s, countries in Latin America and Central Europe have undertaken the same process of telecom privatization, providing other second and third world countries contemplating similar reforms with valuable lessons. To assist governments in these and other countries, I have created an "optimal privatization model" for the divestment of telecommunications and other infrastructure-related industries. Empirical data from five Latin American and Central European case analyses is used to support the model's assertions.


Political Science, International Law and Relations; Political Science, Public Administration; Mass Communications

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