An assessment of United States foreign direct investment amid violence in Colombia

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


International Studies

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Bruce Bagley - Committee Chair


U.S. multinational companies have been investing in Colombia since the early twentieth century, despite the country being besieged with violence since colonial times. Hence, the issue of why companies continue to do business in a country with a history of violence is examined. This study analyzes the extent to which violence in Colombia has influenced foreign direct investment in that country. The research was conducted to gain a greater understanding of how U.S. multinational corporations with affiliates in Colombia perceive violence in that country. A related objective was to understand corporate strategies employed to deal with such violence. While the literature on political risk assessment and analysis partly answers the research question, it has yet to provide a sufficient explanation of how U.S. multinationals assess and manage political risk in Colombia. This study, therefore, contributes to the literature, serving as a platform for further research.


History, Latin American; Economics, Commerce-Business; Political Science, International Law and Relations

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