An analysis of selected piano works by Carlos Guastavino

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Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)

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James R. Floyd - Committee Chair


This study focuses on the biography and selected keyboard compositions of one of the exponents of Argentine nationalism, Carlos Guastavino. The study examines the major influences on Guastavino's life and music, particularly his use of form, rhythm, melody, and harmony. This study also presents an overview of the musical period preceding that of Carlos Guastavino, and a musical analysis of eight selected piano compositions. The works examined are three character pieces, La Siesta, Tres Preludios (1942), Romance de Cuyo (1953), and Tierra Linda (1940); three typically Argentine folkloric dances, Bailecito (1940), Gato (1940), and Estilo (1952); and two formal compositions, Sonata in c-sharp minor (1947) and the piano duet Romance del Plata (1987). The latter composition was chosen for this study due to the lack of four-hand piano repertoire by Latin American composers. The analysis examines the areas of form, melody, harmony, and rhythm in each selected work.


Biography; Music

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