An analysis of management competencies and their implementation in selected health care institutions in South Florida

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Over the last twenty-five years, there have been many conferences, workshops, books, articles and consultative activities on the topic of competency. This study was designed to examine ten years of journal publications (1986-1995) on the management competency movement, and analyze the influence and impact it has had on organizations in their human resource management efforts, particularly the efforts reported in selected South Florida hospitals.The purpose of the study was to identify, categorize and analyze management competency articles published in professional journals and periodicals through a thematic content analysis, and describe how seven South Florida health care facilities have incorporated management competencies into their institutions. The use of the term and definition of competencies has been integrated into organizations, including health care. However, the term has evolved to narrower-parameters, that of measurable skills and knowledge, rather than McClelland's and Boyatzis' broader definitions.The study revealed how divergent information in journal articles regarding the definition of management competencies has provided organizations with opportunities to focus on their strategies, objectives and culture. The healthcare industry in South Florida has restricted its interpretation of management competencies and followed directives of their accrediting agency. In addition, the implementation of management competencies has served as a vehicle to modify human resource management functions, recruitment, selection, compensation, training, development and evaluation.


Business Administration, Management; Health Sciences, Health Care Management

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