The Liberty incident

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

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Vendulka Kubalkova, Committee Chair

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Haim Shaked, Committee Member


All thirteen official investigations of the Liberty incident and various unofficial reports and explanations, including five television productions, were compiled and analyzed. Independent research was conducted in the United States, Israel, Egypt, England and elsewhere. Four hundred and fifty-eight interviews of two hundred and twenty-two persons were conducted. Freedom of Information Act requests were used to obtain declassification of the Clark Clifford Report, twenty-four hot line messages, twenty-two National Security Agency documents and thirty-one National Security Council documents. Numerous classified Israeli documents were also obtained. Over 3,318 relevant documents have been collected in binders. The research confirmed and corroborated the official investigations and disproved the contrary explanations. The dissertation demonstrates that the Liberty incident was no more than a tragic mistake.


History, Middle Eastern; History, United States; History, Modern

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