Seven feasts

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Degree Name

Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)

First Committee Member

Dennis Kam, Committee Chair


Seven Feasts is a seven-movement musical composition for solo voice and electronics. Each movement is based on one of the Principal Feasts of the Episcopal/Anglican liturgical year. Eleven melodies drawn from the literature of early English religious music are quoted throughout the work. The seven movements are arranged formally in a quasi-palindromic structure. Palindromic materials are manipulated in such a way that their precise identities are obscured while they retain their structural significance. These materials occur at various structural levels, from gestalt palindromes to motivic palindromes. Organization of materials in this way results in nested palindromes. An eclectic combination of musical stylistic references and ways in which musical materials are organized and manipulated is characteristic of Seven Feasts.


Religion, General; Music

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