An annotated catalog of available intermediate-level keyboard music by women composers born before 1900

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Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)


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This study is an annotated compilation of intermediate-level music written for solo piano or harpsichord, composed by seventy-five women born before 1900, and currently available in print. A survey of the resources available to teachers of piano disclosed a general need for more literature at the intermediate level, and a specific need for gender diversity in the repertoire. It is hoped that the study will provide a useful reference tool for teachers wishing to incorporate the music of women composers into their standard teaching and performance repertoire.The study observes the following delimitations: (1) Only solo music for piano or harpsichord, composed by women born before January 1, 1900, is reviewed. (2) Each composer is cited in at least two reference works used for the study. (3) Works are sorted into early, middle, and late levels of the intermediate grade of study, using the Checklist devised by M. K. Scanlan in her 1988 Ed.D. thesis at the University of Illinois. (4) No transcriptions or arrangements of pre-existing music are included. (5) The study reviews only those works readily available in print and obtained from publishers, music stores, and music distributors by the end of compilation, June 5, 1997.Analytical, stylistic, and pedagogical information about each work is provided, as well as complete publication information and biographical sketches for each composer. In each citation, reference works providing general biographical information are identifted in abbreviated form under "Sources." Specific references are cited in footnote.Appendices include the following lists: available score anthologies of women composers, addresses, telephone, facsimile, and on-line information for music publishers and distributors, available advanced-level repertoire, and ninety-seven women composers for whom no music in print was found.


Music; Women's Studies; Education, Music

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