A stylistic analysis of melody, harmony, rhythm and sound quality in selected improvised solos of Slide Hampton

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Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)

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Whitney Sidener - Committee Chair


The purposes of this essay are to (1) document and preserve, within the academic community, the unique musical accomplishments of Slide Hampton, (2) provide a written pedagogical model of Hampton's improvisational techniques for study and examination by music students, (3) supplement the scant amount of analytical literature that currently exists on Slide Hampton and (4) create an addition to the small body of published transcription material that has been devoted to jazz trombonists.Chapter 1 introduces the essay and discusses Hampton's importance and influence as a jazz improvisor, musician and mentor. Chapter one also contains a review of related literature and an explanation of the methodology used throughout the document. Chapter 2 examines Hampton's sound quality including timbre, texture, dynamic range, tessitura and expressive inflections. Chapter 3 investigates Hampton's use of melody and includes a discussion of melodic influences, source material, presentation of material and development of material. Chapter 4 examines Hampton's use of harmony and includes a discussion of important influences as well as an investigation of harmonic source material and development of material. Chapter 5 explores Hampton's use of rhythm and includes a discussion of rhythmic influences, source material and development of material. Chapter six briefly summarizes major points of the essay. A selected discography and twelve complete solo transcriptions are included in the appendices of this document.



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