A comparison of the efficacy of an inpatient treatment program and a residential day-treatment program for severely and persistently mentally ill patients

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)



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Adele M. Hayes, Committee Chair

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Philip C. Burda, Committee Member


The present study compared patient outcome measures for an inpatient program and a residential day treatment program at the Miami VA Medical Center, which offered intensive treatment to a severely and persistently mentally ill population. A total of 128 inpatients and 74 residential day treatment patients were compared on measures of patient perceptions of the treatment atmosphere, number of acting out incidents, length of stay, compliance with aftercare treatment during a 3-month follow-up, and patterns of rehospitalization over a 30 month follow-up period. Results indicate that the two patient samples reported similarly positive perceptions of the wards, were similarly compliant with aftercare, and had comparable patterns of rehospitalization. The residential day treatment sample did require an average of two more months of treatment and exhibited a lower overall number of documented acting out incidents than the inpatient sample.


Psychology, Clinical; Health Sciences, Health Care Management

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