A maritime risk and transportation model for the transport of crude oil and petroleum products

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


Industrial Engineering

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Eleftherios Iakovou, Committee Chair


Marine transportation is an integral component of any country's transportation system and is essential to the nation's economy as well its national security. The entire transportation infrastructure, including ports and waterways, must able to handle the projected increases in waterborne trade. The public in favor of air, rail, and highway based transport systems often overlooks the importance of waterways. Increasing the efficiency of waterway usage has economic and environmental benefits.The aim of this work is to present a comprehensive maritime oil transportation system that could be used by a regulatory agency or a shipper to understand the dynamics of maritime oil transportation and to evaluate possible improvements of the system. The maritime transportation system provides efficient routing for various vessels carrying crude oil and petroleum products from multiple origins to multiple destinations. The routing of these vessels is provided while minimizing the costs of transporting such products by different vessels, and minimizing the risk costs, due to damages caused by oil spills, associated with the routes of a maritime transportation network. In order to evaluate these risk cost estimates, a novel methodology is presented to determine and assign oil spill risk costs to the routes of a maritime transportation system. Also presented are approaches to determine the voyage costs associated with transporting various products by different vessels. In order to solve this multiobjective problem, an interactive solution methodology is presented to solve maritime oil transportation problem. This methodology is then implemented on an internet ready software package called IOTS. Application of the oil transportation methodology is then provided for a real world example of the oil transportation network in the Gulf of Mexico.


Engineering, Industrial; Operations Research; Computer Science

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