Bernard Goldberg: A biographical sketch and study of his teaching technique

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Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)

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Dennis Kam, Committee Chair

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Nancy Zavac, Committee Member


The purpose of this study is to present the biographical sketch, teaching philosophies, and music performance techniques of flutist Bernard Goldberg. This study is divided into sections on his life, basic elements of playing, music career, and pedagogical aspects. Many of the techniques and ideas he developed reflect the pedagogical influence of his teachers, Georges Barrere, Marcel Moyse, and Pablo Casals. However, Goldberg has developed his own approaches to technical exercises and musical analysis.Information about Goldberg was gathered through audio and videotape interviews with him, and through correspondence with many of his longtime friends, colleagues, and students. Appendices include (1) interview questions used during meetings with Goldberg, (2) all other interview items, (3) photos, (4) supplemental materials, (5) examples of Bach's flute music editions by Goldberg, (6) list of repertoire used in Goldberg's teaching, and (7) a partial discography, including solo performances and recordings with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.This work provides a compendium of information that will serve as a reference for performers and pedagogues in future years.


Biography; Music; Education, Music

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