A conductor's analysis of "Les Chansons des Roses" cycle and an overview of the vocal compositions of Morten Lauridsen

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Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)


Music Conducting

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Donald T. Oglesby - Committee Chair


The purpose of this study was to examine and describe the scope of the vocal output of Morten Lauridsen and to gain an understanding of his cycle Les Chansons des Roses. The first chapter contains a biography of Lauridsen. Chapter 2 is a discussion of Lauridsen's vocal compositions; Lauridsen has written two solo voice cycles, one solo song for voice and piano, five extended choral works, three Latin motets, a Te Deum, and several psalms for mixed chorus. The third chapter presents biographical information on Rainer Maria Rilke (1875--1926), an overview of his works, and a discussion of the poems used in Lauridsen's Les Chansons des Roses, including where the poems fall in Rilke's life and output, why he wrote them, and the biographical circumstances that influenced them. Chapter 4 is a study and conductor's analysis of each of the five movements in the cycle Les Chansons des Roses.Appendices include a discography, transcriptions of Jan Weller's interview with Lauridsen and Salamunovich for Music in Chicago, and transcriptions of the author's interviews with Lauridsen and three of the conductors who premiered his works. The author conducted a performance of the cycle and other works by Lauridsen on February 28, 2000.



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